Work and equal opportunities

Exoé is subject to French regulations for 100% of its workforce. Race, creed, sex, age, are not discriminatory and allow true diversity and equal opportunities.

Health and disability

The health questionnaire has been removed from the Exoé Healthcare Insurance contract; Health coverage provides the same guarantees for all employees.


Exoé recruits only permanent and does not use temporary contracts (CDD) or interim.

Personal development

Exoé has introduced flexible hours and demonstrated organizational flexibility to allow an good balance between personal and professional life.
Since inception, Exoé never had incidents or working conditions related problems.

Employee benefits

Employee benefits are numerous and egalitarian: health insurance, meal allowances, financial assistance to transport, flexible hours, incentive plan, financing of sports and cultural activities.

Evaluation of employees

All employees are individually and annually received by their manager. A skills assessment is drafted, which incorporates some “personal development plan”.
The Executive Committee annually reviews the health issues, safety, benefits, labor regulation, diversity, discrimination and harassment. Mapping of professional hazards is also updated.

Environment and Sustainable Development

Exoé put in place proactive programs to reduce its environmental impact and preserve the environment.
Compliant with the UN protocol (Kyoto, Montreal and the Convention on Biological Diversity), Exoé clearly defined environmental policy and put in place impact reduction process.

Carbon footprint

Exoé produce carbon balance since 2007. It is conducted every two years, given the low emissions. The measured emissions are compensated through the site


Exoé recycles waste paper, plastic, and glass coffee capsules, through the company ” les joyeux recycleurs “, which promotes the social and professional integration of people experiencing high exclusion .

Energetic efficiency

Exoé has implemented an electrical bulbs replacement program by LED lights; power consumption is also a criterion taken into consideration when replacing hardware (servers).

Purchasing Policy

Environmental criteria are integrated into the supplier selection process.

Transport network

Exoé has set up a company travel plan for its employees.

Exoé se positionne de manière proactive pour réduire son impact environnemental et préserver son environnement.
Conforme aux protocoles de l’ONU (Kyoto, Montréal et la convention sur la diversité biologique), Exoé a clairement défini une politique environnementale et mis en place des processus de réduction d’impact.


Exoé is working on the establishment of a measure of the carbon footprint of financial asset portfolios of its clients. Section 48 of the Cop 21 stipulates that the players in the asset management industry should inform their subscribers of “exposure to climate risks” of the assets they hold and also show their “contribution to reach the international targets set up to limit  the global warming and to achieve the objectives of energy and ecological transition “.

CO2 consumption

  • Energy
  • Commuters
  • Business trip
  • Consommables
  • Immobilisations
Les joyeux recycleurs
Grizzly Responible Investment