Business specialization and the optmization of the "Added value / Timing" ratio imply that an Asset Manager must be dedicated to the management of his portfolio while the dealing desk is taking care of the best execution of the orders at the best price. Exoé fulfills that last mission perfectly.
A dedicated and motivated team on which we can fully rely on.
Exoé transmit our orders seamlessly in STP. Execution is excellent because Exoé has a very strong knowledge of our intermediaries.
Only a dealing desk can shop around for the cheapest price available, this is not an asset manager core business.


Exoé's counterparties network gives Asset Management companies the ability to access all liquidities and comply with all specific need.

Equity market

  • Global players
  • Local outside France
  • Local - French institutions

Fixed Income markets

  • Global banks
  • French Banks
  • Brokers



18.2 bps improvement

13/20 brokers average technical score

Fixed Income

14/20 average technical score for banks

12/20 average technical score for brokers

32% of spread improvement

79%  CBBT overperfomance

75% of multiples RFQs


The dealing desk outsourcing is the most efficient, fast, and economical way.

How to outsource with Exoé succesfully ?

Follow the guide.

Objectives definition

Review and validation of the contrat. The set of documents contains :

  • The agreement
  • The Service Legal Agreement

Estimated time : from 15 to 45 days depending on the project’s complexity.

Process validation

  • Setting up of authorized persons, funds, brokers… and test of workflows
  • Exoé tools are presented and installed for front, middle and compliance teams
  • Weekly update on connections with counterparts
  • At the due date, the client can validate the effective launch of the service :
    • for the entire entity
    • for a selected or multiple team(s), department(s), fund(s) or financial(s) product(s)

Estimated time: from 5 to 30 days depending on the nature of financial products and numbers of counterparties

Site visit

Exoé meets with portfolio managers and middle office to prepare the operationnal launch.
A “Starting guide” containing all useful information for a successful operational launch is provided to all client’s team members.
Estimated time : 1 to 2 hours per department. Several meetings could be necessary.

Operational launch

On the due date, operations and portfolios transit through the Exoé trading desk.
After few weeks of operations a feedback is programmed to fix the remaining details and propose improvements.
Total length of the process to implement the Exoé services vary from 3 weeks to 3 months.


Exoé is connected with many clients’ portfolio management systems. More than 94% of the orders received by Exoé are electronic. The balance is divided between phone, chat or e-mails.

PMS connected

The following tools are already being used to transmit orders to Exoé:

    • Bloomberg-EMSX
    • Density Tech
    • Hedgeguard
    • FST
    • JET
    • Jump
    • Mandarine PMS
    • NX Trader


Certified PMS

Those tools are compatible with Exoé. The set-up is possible in short time and for limited costs. In general, every PMS with FIX functionality is compatible with Exoé.

    • Desisyphe
    • Misys Fusion
    • Oméga


Interfaces Exoé

To satisfy specifics client needs, Exoe has developed bricks that guarantee a complete audit tracks without any double tiping.

  • Liaison PMS/Exoé/dépositaire
  • Liaison Excel/Exoé
  • Liaison bloc/dégroupé sous Excel